Breast Preferences Around Australia and Choosing the Best Breasts for You

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Considering Breast Enlargement Implant Surgery? Size and Shape Preferences across Australia.

Choosing Your Best Breast Implant Size

One of the most challenging decisions to make about your breast enlargement surgery might be what size (or shape) of implant to get.

But when it comes to breast implants or augmentation, it’s important to remember that what looks great on one person’s frame, might not look the best on your frame.

Even so, it’s likely you’ll be noticing what others are choosing in terms of breast shape and size preferences.

Especially if you follow social media like Facebook and Instagram.

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Below are some of the breast surgery size and shape preferences that have been noted across different regions in Australia.

Please be cautious about following what you think ‘everyone else is doing’ – and be sure to choose what looks the best on your body and body frame.

Large implants can end up leaving you with problems, so be sure to ask your Surgeon how different sized implants will ‘wear’ on you over time and whether or not your skin elasticity, existing breast tissue & your overall body frame are well-suited for a particular size, placement or shape.

Breast Preferences Around Australia & Choosing the Best Breasts for You

If you’re far along on your breast augmentation exploration journey, no doubt you have probably started looking around at breast ‘trends’ to try and find different looks that might suit your individual body and needs.

  • This type of research (looking at images of what you like or what others have had done) is a great FIRST STEP for you, as before embarking upon any form of plastic surgery, it’s important to decide exactly what look you want to achieve.
  • But remember how a certain implant size or shape will look on you can vary greatly from how it looks on another person
  • Don’t let trends influence what you choose & remember that breast augmentation can still look natural when that’s your preference
  • Ask your Surgeon what different sizes and shapes will do for your look and how they will ultimately impact your body shape (3D imaging may help)

How do you choose your implant size and shape?

real self patient journeys breast augmentation dr craig rubinstein

In part, your decision about breast implant size and shape will depend on your motivations for pursuing breast augmentation in the first place:

  • You might have a small bust and wish to pursue implants or enlargement surgery
  • You may be wanting to improve your look after significant weight loss
  • Your breasts may have lost some shape and volume post-pregnancy
  • You may be wanting a breast reduction to improve your posture and overall health

Will the size you select look natural & balanced on your physique? Or are you looking for a highly-visible enhancement?

According to industry statistics, breast augmentations and reductions are in the TOP 5 COSMETIC procedures across Australia. These have been relatively stable in popularity over time.

But breast implant size and shape preferences can differ according to which state or city you live in. So let’s take a look and see what’s popular with breast implant Augmentation procedures across Australia.

  • There is no ONE set preference that is consistent across all breast surgery patients in any given area every person has their own ideas
  • There are a few ‘breast preference’ regional preferences that have been noted, however, in terms of augmentation surgery
  • It may be that living in warmer climates (or nearer to the bay or ocean) means more time spent wearing swimsuits or revealing clothing – and potentially a slightly different breast implant preference
  • If you have noticed any trends in your area, send us an email and let us know – or post on our Facebook pages

Perth, WA – Breast Surgery (Augmentation Surgery Preferences)

In Perth, breast augmentations are extremely popular. Perhaps this relates to the sunshine, great weather and beaches, providing ample opportunity to head to the seaside in your cutest bikini. Or perhaps it’s the surf culture.

What is being noticed about the breast implant ‘look’ in Perth is:

  • Round breasts are more common than teardrop shaped breasts and
  • Proportionally, breast implants tend to be slightly larger than the neighbouring states of SA and NT

Brisbane/Gold Coast, QLD – Breast Surgery Preferences

Queensland women are flocking to breast augmentation opportunities at a rapid rate. Again, living in such a mild and warm climate offers plenty of reasons to want to look your best on the beach.

What is being noticed about the look of breast shapes and breast enlargement surgery using implants in Brisbane, Queensland is:

  • The Queensland breast preference is often round
  • Whilst sizes vary, they tend to be around the C – D cup if that suits the person’s proportions
  • On the Gold Coast, a less-natural look seems popular at the moment – but in other areas of Queensland, a full but natural-looking breast is favoured

What some of the best blogs on breast implants seems to show:

Last year, RealSelf, a website where members share their cosmetic treatment experiences and photographs along with reviews on doctors, costs and opinions, announced some interesting statistics about Brisbane Breast Surgery.

According to the popular website, Brisbane audiences viewed 47% more content about breast augmentation per capita than any other city.

Sydney, NSW – Breast Surgery & Augmentation Sizes

Sydney was ranked the #2 city for breast surgery information gathering by RealSelf.

Breast augmentation is very popular in the NSW capital, with full and shapely breasts the main goal of surgery.

There are many Plastic Surgeons working in the Sydney area, including Dr Richard Sackelariou and Dr Howard De Torres, two highly experienced and fully-qualified Plastic Surgeons in Double Bay and Wentworthville/Edgecliff.

There is also great diversity in terms of consumer preferences, so it’s a little more difficult to define a particular look in Australia’s largest, most highly populated city.

What is being noticed about the breast surgery “look” in Sydney and New South Wales is:

  • Cup size varies dramatically from B’s (for fitness-focused, active women and surfers) to DD’s and beyond for women who want a lot more up top (Remember that according to Dr Rubinstein, the larger the implant, the more gravity will impact them over time).
  • One of the BONDI BEACH Breast Implant looks is rather on the large side and may not wear well over time
  • Full and shapely does seem to be the trend in Sydney NSW however – typically this may require a higher profile type of implant
  • Bondi Beach or Coogee beach areas may have a slightly different breast surgery ‘preference’ to other parts of Sydney such as Double Bay – but it does vary according to individual patient preferences and what will look best on each person

Melbourne, VIC – Breast Surgery Preferences & Implant Sizes

Melbourne is often described as the ‘fashion capital’ of Australia.

Glitz and glamour and natural-looking wear are all very much part of the overall image of Melbourne. There’s a tremendously wide RANGE of favoured styles in fashion, hairstyles and – of course – breast augmentation preferences in one of Australia’s “most liveable” cities.

What is being noticed about breast surgery in Melbourne and across Victoria, Australia is:

  • Breast lifts are very popular (A breast lift is called a Mastopexy) – this may relate to Victoria’s reputation as a “highly liveable city” and one in which to raise a family
  • Breast lifts are sometimes combined with augmentations (Masto-Aug) but if there’s enough tissue, it may be performed on its own or as a Reduction & Lift
  • The ROUND breast is a favourite where implants are concerned, either with a Breast Lift OR on its own
  • Different Surgeons may prefer different styles so look at your Surgeon’s before & after photos and ask about placement and how they’ll wear over time
    • For instance, high profile breast implants may have more longevity for some patients rather than other types
    • But this can vary from patient to patient and each Surgeon ideally knows how to get a great result for each individual Patient-based upon extensive pre-surgery measurements and mark-ups as well as decades of experience performing Augmentation Surgeries
    • If you choose a less experienced Surgeon or a Surgeon who doesn’t use quality brand implants, you may not get the look YOU want or one that suits your body – remember, it’s a very individual procedure when done properly
  • Round implants often result in a higher and fuller-looking breast augmentation result
  • There is a lot of variety in profile choices in Melbourne
  • Some prefer Anatomical implants and others round (there are pros and cons to each type)

Adelaide, SA – Breast Surgery

Plastic surgeries are less common in the nation’s south, and the preferred look for breasts in SA also differs.

  • The look in Adelaide is a little more understated than the larger cities of Australia, with many ladies choosing quite a natural look.
  • Round implants are, however, still more popular than the more anatomical looking teardrop option.
  • Although, smaller implants to give just a bit of “breast boost” are increasingly common.


You shouldn’t base your own decision on what’s trendy and you should talk at length with your surgeon about your pre-existing measurements and breast tissue.  Not all ‘looks’ or sizes are going to suit your body and some things can – and cannot – be accomplished with breast augmentation surgery.

What’s really important is that you are happy with your new and improved breasts post-surgery.

Taking the time to research your options in terms of what look you hope to achieve from your breast augmentation is a great investment of your time.  Don’t forget your size and body shape is also a key consideration, and a great doctor will be able to provide you with advice on what options are best for you. Our Surgeons help women decide by helping them understand what various implant sizes will actually look like on their physique, as every woman’s different.

One of the ways we do this is using VECTRA 3 D Imaging.

But there are many other sizing and measurement methods to help you choose the best breast implant size for your physique and appearance preferences. Three-dimensional imaging also can’t perfectly predict how you will look after your surgery, or how your breast implants will look with passing time.

3d breast aug

But if you’re considering implant surgery to enhance and enlarge your breasts, it’s important for you to express your preferences. It’s also crucial to aim to fully understand the pros and cons of using different sized implants (or differently shaped implants in terms of the profile) in relation to your skin health, your overall chest or torso size, your nipple size or desired location, your breast crease and any pre-existing asymmetry.  Sometimes your height or weight as well as your existing breast tissue, pre-surgery asymmetry, and any prior surgery scars or results – will tend to have an impact on the outcome of your augmentation options and outcomes.

Natural Looking, Pleasing Cleavage is often a Patient’s Augmentation Goal at our Melbourne, Berwick or Williamstown locations.

With advancements in technology, our Plastic Surgeons can achieve very natural-looking results for you regardless of the size and shape you choose for your breasts. They will help you to have realistic expectations and understand what a breast enhancement surgery can – or cannot – accomplish.

You can choose from four Breast Surgery Surgeons including Dr Craig Rubinstein, Dr Rebecca Wyten and Dr Patrick Briggs in Berwick or Hawthorn East both located in Melbourne, Victoria.

So if you want to learn more, send an enquiry to begin arranging your consultation.

Call us on 1300 264 811 to speak to a Breast Augmentation Specialist today and take the first step towards achieving YOUR personal ideal of a more shapely, curvy breast or a more contoured body.

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Last updated: 05/05/2022
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