Choices after Breast Implant Removal Surgery


Options after having Breast Implant Removal Surgery

You might know the term ‘breast implant surgery’ commonly known as a ‘boob job’. This is a term that relates to inserting a breast prosthesis, most often of a cohesive, medical-grade silicon filling in an outer shell, to increase the size of the breast.  Breast cleavage shaping can also be performed during breast augmentation procedures.  But what is breast explant surgeryWhat does the term “breast explant” actually mean?

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What is Breast Implant Removal Surgery?

Breast explantation – otherwise known as a breast explant procedure – means removing existing breast implant(s) or breasts prosthesis.

  • The average expected lifetime of a breast implant, based on manufacturers ‘lifetime warranty’ information, is estimated to be about 10 years. Read more about how long breast implants last and how to know if it’s time to remove them.
  • It is a plastic surgery breast procedure that we believe is best performed by a skilled Plastic Surgeon in a genuine Hospital setting rather than a clinic back room.
  • Also, you’ll have a scar after removing breast implants. The breast explant scar is usually positioned under the inframammary line or breast crease.
  • In other words, the scar after breast implant removal is usually where the original implant insertion points are made; but a skilled Plastic Surgeon who focuses on best-practice surgery methods will often work to minimise your scars as best as possible.
  • Your Breast Surgeon may even offer you scar minimisation treatments such as Fraxel Laser, Healite II or skin needling if these are suitable for your incision line(s).
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What happens after my breast implants are removed during breast implant removal surgery?

  • What happens next is very patient independent and can vary.
  • It depends on your preferences, your skin strength, your body composition, and how your breasts appear after removal or explantation of the breast implants.
  • Some women choose to have a new implant, perhaps the Motiva implant brand, to replace the implant(s) that were removed. Others may choose to leave their breasts exactly as they are, even if that means they sag a little (or a lot).
  • It’s really up to you, and your Surgeon will ask you questions to help you assess the best options for you after removing your existing breast implants.
  • One option includes deciding if a breast lift procedure might be incorporated into your breast implant “explant” procedure or performed as a separate procedure after your healing is complete from the explant procedure.

But your Surgeon might also advise you to WAIT for several months to up to a year after your original surgery to remove your breast implants, before deciding on what happens after your breast implants are removed.

Surgery Choices after Having Breast Implants Removed

Why Waiting After Implant Removal to Decide on your Future Breast Surgery can Help

  • You may want breast reconstruction or breast lift surgery immediately after your breast implants are removed, but it varies from person to person.
  • Many women simply remove their old implants and allow their breasts “to be” in their natural-looking state, even if their breasts sag.
    • If your skin is still healthy and elastic, you may be happy enough with your breast appearance after explant surgery.
    • If your skin sags excessively due to ageing or stretching, or looks empty, then you may decide you want a breast lift or breast reduction.
  • Others want a breast lift or nipple lift to tighten or firm the breast tissues and reposition the nipple to a more central location on the breast mound.
  • Others explore their “fat transfer to breast” options, although if you have sagging skin, this is unlikely to be a good option for you.
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Waiting before making post-breast implant removal decisions is often a good choice for most women.

  • That’s because allows your surgery results and your remaining breast tissues and breast skin to “settle” into place, without the projection of an augmentation prosthesis.
  • If you have good skin elasticity and didn’t choose an overly large, heavy implant, then your breast skin may have good resiliency and look okay to you after explantation of the prosthesis.
  • If, however, your breast skin is sagging due to age, collagen loss, having been pregnant or having breastfed babies, or because you had a large and heavy implant or a breast surgery complication, then it might not look that pleasing to you.

But most often, you’ll need to allow time after breast implant removal surgery before you decide.

After your skin heals, you and your Surgeon can then assess your future surgery options.

Decisions about future breast surgery will depend on a variety of factors.

Factors to consider in relation to future breast surgery include your suitability and preferences for:

  • surgical breast shaping
  • nipple re-positioning
  • breast projection (cleavage)

These factors, as well as your overall skin health, lifestyle preferences and your willingness to pursue additional plastic surgery, will help you decide if you will benefit most from:

  • additional implant insertion
  • a breast lift
  • cleavage enhancements using liposuction and fat transfer methods
  • a breast reduction (such as if you gained a lot of weight in the breasts after having children or due to other factors)

Some women decide to replace their implants, and others simply to remove them during breast explantation procedures.

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Reasons patients have their breast implants removed or replaced

  • Change of lifestyle
  • Social, cultural or personal considerations about breast implant sizes
  • Having chosen a breast implant size that was too large or heavy for the skin
  • Feeling restricted in swimwear, bras or gym gear and exercise classes due to having large breasts
  • Having neck or shoulder pain due to the weight of heavy or large breast implants
  • Experiencing a complication or concern about having breast implants
  • Wanting a more naturally smaller breast area later in life
  • Change of breast size preferences
  • Wanting to switch from an older implant to a more modern implant, such as Motiva
  • Wanting to replace existing implants with a different sized breast implant (smaller or larger)
  • Weight changes which have impacted the proportions of the breast area or upper body

What a CBS why some women undergo breast explants.

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