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Best Bra Shopping: Getting the Right Fit.

Finding the right bra can feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack.  Many stores sell bras, but there’s more to bra shopping than walking into a shop, buying a bra and taking it home.  Some media reports suggest that around 80% of women are actually wearing the wrong bra size. Are you potentially one of them?  Find out what the BEST bra shopping places are in Australia’s two largest cities, and why it’s important you get the RIGHT bra size to give your breasts the best possible support for your day to day activities.

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An ill-fitting bra vs a well-fitting support bra can make a big difference in how your breasts age

An ill-fitting bra will only lead to many things (none of them positive).

For a start, in an ill fitting bra, your breasts simply won’t look as good underneath your clothes.

If you wear a bra that is TOO SMALL:

  • Squeezing your breasts into bras that are too small can also result in unsightly and very visible cup overflow.
  • Spillage under your armpits (excess side boob) or bulging back fat are also common symptoms of wearing an ill-fitting bra.
  • Wearing a too tight bra can cause pain and uncomfortable ‘bra strap dig ins’ to your skin.

If you wear a bra that is TOO LARGE:

  • In contrast, bras that are too big just don’t give your breasts the shape and support they need.
  • The cup will sag if it’s the wrong size
  • A too-large bra or cup-size can appear wrinkly beneath your clothing
  • With insufficient resistance around the bra band, your breasts are just going to sit wherever they do naturally.

A bra is intended to give your breast weight good support; so if the bra is too big, what’s the point of wearing it at all?

Best Bra Shopping Tip: Get professionally fitted before you buy anything

The number one way to find a great bra is to ensure you are fitted by a professional bra fitting professional.

There’s a lot more to buying the right bra size than putting a bra on and deciding ‘it feels comfortable so must be the right size.’  Many bra boutiques and department stores in Melbourne and Sydney offer this custom fitting service. It’s especially important to get fitted yearly before you make your annual bra purchases (as bodies DO change).

Once you do it once, we’re guessing you’ll never buy bras without a professional fitting again.

So where do you find the best bra shopping in Melbourne and Sydney?

Here’s a few stores to help you get started on your bra shopping journey…


She Science (Melbourne)

Located at 144A Cotham Rd, Kew, She Science has top quality, scientifically advanced support bras as well as numerous sports bra options for breasts Cups A – J and Band Sizes 6 – 22.  You don’t need an appointment for a personalised bra fitting (unless there will be 3 or more of you visiting at once, all wanting personal fittings).  From the She Science site:

“studies have shown that a reduction in vertical breast displacement can reduce Exercise Induced Breast Pain, eliminate embarrassment and improve participation rates.”   Source:

Brava (Melbourne)

Brava is a family run business established by Lin Windram and her daughter Maxine in 2006.  Based in Melbourne, they specialise in providing beautiful bras for fuller busted women.  They are experts in ‘D Cup and Up’, and have built their business to provide better, more stylish bra options for women.

David Jones (Melbourne & Sydney)

With stores in both Sydney and Melbourne, David Jones, offer a good variety of bra and lingerie options for women in a variety of sizes.  Brands include Calvin Klein, Elle Macpherson and Simone Perele.  Professional fitting is available from lingerie department staff.  You can also purchase a selection of bras online via the David Jones website.

Myer  (Melbourne)

Myer also has stores in both Sydney and Melbourne.  Myer offers Triumph fitting specialists in selected stores to help shoppers find the most comfortable bra to suit their needs.  Prosthesis fitting is also available in some stores.  They recommend calling your local Myer ahead of time to check availability and book in a time with a trained fitter.

La Donna (Melbourne)

La Donna, based in South Yarra in Victoria, has been around for decades.  In business for 40+ years – these people know what they’re doing.  Established in 1975, the store stocks a range of top quality lingerie labels.   This includes brands such as Roberto Crescentini, Calvin Klein and Bellissima.  Shop for everyday or special occasion bras and underwear.

Im Lingerie  (Melbourne)

Located in the exclusive Crown Towers building in Melbourne, Im Lingerie stocks a range of luxury French and Italian designer lingerie.  The store was established in 1984 and their exclusive collections have been featured in the media.  If it’s luxury you’re looking for, Im Lingerie might be the right store for you.   Sizes range from 8-22 and cup sizes A-G are available.

Storm in a D Cup (Sydney)

Storm in a D Cup is located at Woollahra, two blocks from the Bondi Junction Westfield in Sydney.  The store was established by Esther Labi after frustration over a lack of bra choice for larger busted women.  The store stocks an expansive range of beautiful and comfortable bras for fuller figured women.  Professional fittings are all part of the service provided.

Bras ‘n’ Things (Australia-wide)

This national fashion lingerie retailer has stores Australia-wide and offers a variety of bras, lingerie and accessories.  New products are introduced to the range on a regular basis – as one of the largest bra retailers in Australia, there is a constant turnover of styles and trends.  A team of qualified bra fitting specialists is on hand in each store to help find the perfect fit.

But, once you’ve found your perfect size, you might like to purchase via the Bras and Things online store.



So many women prefer to purchase online these days instead of visiting a physical store.  There are some great websites and brands and what’s more convenient than shopping from your own home?

  • If you’ve already had a professional bra fitting recently and you’re 100% certain of your correct bra size
  • If you bought a recommended bra from the shop and have worn it for several weeks and can feel that it’s giving you the right support without dig ins

Then you might like to check out these online stores to bolster your supply:

Curvy  (Bras online)

Founded by Bras N Things, Curvy offers bras in cup sizes up to K Cup and bras for fuller figured women up to size 24.

The Lingerie Boutique (Bras online)

Founded by Chanel Costabir, the Lingerie Boutique has a focus on fashion, suitability and comfort.  They offer a curated selection of designer lingerie chosen from around the world.  Styling and fitting advice is also available.

Shop Bra Brands Online

In addition to boutique buying, you can also purchase direct on many bra brand websites such as Triumph, Intimo, Berlei and Bendon and


If, after all of this shopping, you’re not only totally exhausted, but you actually find that you’re not 100% happy with your breast shape or size, remember that breast size change is possible.

With today’s medical technologies combined with the expert training of a qualified Plastic Surgeon, it really is entirely possible to get the body or breast size you want, that you might be happier with – whether that’s smaller (reduction), bigger (augmentation) or simply uplifted (breast lift).  Call us on 1300 264 811 to chat to the team about the various options available to you for breast augmentation, breast reduction or a breast lift.

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